The Frost Four & Presidents Cup

The Frost Four is an internal competition played each July. It is named after a previous member of the club.

Due to a shortage of numbers in 2021 due to Covid it had to be called “Frost threes”

In a normal year teams of 4 compete against each other on a sunny (hopefully) afternoon. The afternoon starts with a “spider” competition which involves all players rolling one wood at the same time from the edge of the green towards one jack placed in the centre of the green. The player nearest the jack wins. Its that simple!!

Following the spider each team play all other teams over 4 ends. The collective total of shots won decides the winning team.

Below is the victorious team for 2021

Jenny and Richard Hunt presented the trophy and bottles of wine to Roy, Gary and Don who won the 2021 Frost Threes.
Gary also won the ‘Spider’ challenge, so he had a good day!!

President’s Cup

Similar to the Frost Fours this is a completion for club member’s competing in teams on a Saturday in August.

Below the victorious team

Pat Sharp the president of the club presenting the trophy to the winning team which was

Tony Jones, Jan Jones & Dave Phipps