Short Mat Winter competitions

Games against other clubs

Thanks to Brian Hearne who arranged the short mat games against other clubs

These games commenced in late November and went through the winter months.

There was a number of matches, some were won and some were lost but all were enjoyed by all.

Internal competitions

The internal competitions have now finished for the winter season although Tuesday and Thursday role ups continue through out the year. ALL are welcome, to just turn up

The men’s singles final was between Brian Hartgrove and Ed Carter with Brian running out winner

In the ladies singles final Val Jones played Wendy Kean with Wendy becoming this years winner

The pairs competition was won by Brian Hartgrove and Mary Carter who beat Sue Kemp and Mike Edwards in the final.

The Saturday afternoon triples competition was won by the team called “Mintoes” which was made up of Mike Edwards, Wendy Lovell, Maggie Starr and Brian Joll

And in the Friday evening fours competition the winning team was made up of Wendy Lovell, Brian Hartgrove, Pat Sharp, Maggie Starr and Fred Wakefield.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all who took part. It all starts again in about 6 months!!!